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By logging into the Criminal Records Information Management System (CRIMS), you are accessing a restricted information site. Unauthorized access, use, or modification of this system or of data contained therein may constitute violation of Oregon Administrative Rules and state or federal law. Allowing another individual access to your CRIMS account constitutes unauthorized user access and is a violation of the law.
By logging into CRIMS, you acknowledge that you are authorized by the State of Oregon to access this site and the information contained within. All CRIMS users are subject to monitoring and recording activities, without notice, by the State of Oregon. Misuse of CRIMS may result in a variety of penalties from revocation of your access to criminal prosecution.

** If you are a Subject Individual (Employment Applicant), please go to:

11/29/2017:  Processing Status: Depending on a variety of requirements and/or research that may be required per specific background check, our current processing times vary between 2-9 weeks on provider background checks.  We deeply apologize for the delays.  We continue to work on permanent solutions.

Please be aware that checks involving fingerprinting, archived records, and/or out-of-state information can add to delays beyond our control.
Please look at your"Pending CRIMS Records" for the status of submitted background checks, and contact BCU with any questions. You may relay info to the SI if necessary.

** PLEASE DO NOT ask SIs to call BCU to check the status of a check or request expedited checks. Expedite requests should come from a QED by email. Thank you for your assistance.

9/5/2017:  For most DD providers and also MH AFHs:  your SIs are now subject to the Long Term Care Registry!  If you get a match after checking the LTCR (which will come up automatically as you start a new application with "Create New") your SI will be able to start immediately!

Reminder--Whenever an SI completes the 301QED form, please scan/upload the 301QED form upon CRIMS submission.  The SI must authorize the background check either by a handwritten signature on the 301 form or electronic signature by personally completing the SI Entry Page. You can find help and instructions located at

After any update to CRIMS, it may help to clear your computer's cache before logging into CRIMS.  Go to to find out how.

Effective 7/31/2017, you need to change your password every 60 days.
CRIMS will prompt you beginning 7 days from expiration.

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