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By logging in you are acknowledging that you are an authorized recipient of the information for the Subject Individuals processed through the CRIMS system. You will only be provided access to the information on Subject Individuals that have been provided to you by DHS - Background Check Unit. Unauthorized access of this site or improper use of the information provided may result in a variety of penalties up to and including criminal prosecution.

** If you are a Subject Individual (Employment Applicant), please go to:

4/13/2016 MAJOR CHANGE FROM OREGON STATE POLICE.  In order to comply with FBI guidelines, OSP has changed how BCU can view criminal record results.  The only way to complete an accurate and thorough check is to require fingerprints on many SIs.  Please expect to see a rise in the number of your SIs needing fingerprints, even if they never needed fingerprints in the past.

3/24/2016. If your SI is subject to the LTCR, PLEASE NOTE:  If the SI reports being on the LTCR, ask him/her for a copy of a previous approval letter or how the SI's name was previously entered into CRIMS. ONLY AN EXACT MATCH of first and last name will result in a match on the LTCR.

After any update to CRIMS, it may help to clear your computer's cache before logging into CRIMS.  Go to to find out how.
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