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By logging in you are acknowledging that you are an authorized recipient of the information for the Subject Individuals processed through the CRIMS system. You will only be provided access to the information on Subject Individuals that have been provided to you by DHS - Background Check Unit. Unauthorized access of this site or improper use of the information provided may result in a variety of penalties up to and including criminal prosecution.

** If you are a Subject Individual (Employment Applicant), please go to:

4/8/2014, BCU received this message from Information Systems:  "The external email device is experiencing difficulty and external email is not being delivered at this time.  Email will be held, and delivery will begin when the repair is completed.  This impacts external mail that is both incoming and outgoing.  There is no estimated time of resolution."     BCU has already notified our CRIMS vendor to monitor this issue closely to that delay on e-mails is minimal.

2/26/2014.  If you have any pending background checks for persons who are no longer SIs (for example, the position offer was rescinded, or the SI is no longer in the position, etc.), please withdraw the pending background check.  If you have any problems withdrawing the check, please send an email to

2/26/2014.  Updates to some browsers have impacted CRIMS by not flagging required fields if you do not complete them.  Please remember that ALL asterisked (*) fields are required fields.  For instructions for any bolded and underlined field, right click on the field heading; instructions will appear in a blue box.

1/24/2014 REMINDER:  If you are resubmitting a background check on an SI, ALWAYS give the SI the opportunity to review the information in CRIMS and/or update and change information.  Please do not rely on the previous submissision from the SI---s/he may want to change personal information, disclosures, or explanations.  If you have CRIMS send an e-mail to the SI, the SI will see the previously submitted information but be able to update/change it.
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