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By logging in you are acknowledging that you are an authorized recipient of the information for the Subject Individuals processed through the CRIMS system. You will only be provided access to the information on Subject Individuals that have been provided to you by DHS - Background Check Unit. Unauthorized access of this site or improper use of the information provided may result in a variety of penalties up to and including criminal prosecution.

** If you are a Subject Individual (Employment Applicant), please go to:

Reminder--Whenever an SI completes the 301QED form, please scan/upload the 301QED form upon CRIMS submission.  The SI must authorize the background check either by a handwritten signature on the 301 form or electronic signature by personally completing the SI Entry Page. You can find help and instructions located at

6/19/2017: We currently have a 6-8 week backlog due to the inclusion of child abuse checks (since 12/01/2016) which adds time for processing.  This includes all DHS checks, all MH PSWs, and checks of any other SIs having contact with children.  Please look at your "Pending CRIMS Records" for the status of submitted background checks, and contact BCU with any questions. You may relay info to the SI if necessary.
** PLEASE DO NOT ask SIs to call BCU to check the status of a check--this phone time simply prevents us from working on the backlog.

4/27/2017:  CRIMS update.  There are no longer fields for the worksite location address, city, state, and zip. You may enter complete address(es) in the Worksite Location field--it can take up to 250 characters. Only the Worksite Location field shows on notices, so the extra fields have been removed.

4/27/2017: The preliminary hire language on the SI Summary Page has been updated.  Please review it carefully when submitting a background check request to BCU.

After any update to CRIMS, it may help to clear your computer's cache before logging into CRIMS.  Go to to find out how.
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